About Us

Dermatologists are physicians who specialize in skin. They are doctors who have undergone extensive training to help you keep your skin healthy. Dermatologists can either be a Diplomate or a Fellow in their field of specialization, depending on their amount of training and experience.

After medical school and a year of internship, a medical board exam is required to be a certified general practitioner in medicine (GP). At least three more years of medical and surgical residency training in the field of dermatology are needed and another Specialty Board Exam is required before a doctor becomes a Board Certified Dermatologist or a Diplomate in this chosen field.

After practicing in this specialized field for at least two more years and upon approval of the board, the dermatologist can now apply to the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS) to be a Fellow.

At MedDERM ASIA all procedures, both medical and cosmetic, are done by Fellows who are board certified by the Philippine Board of Dermatology & Diplomates of the University of London.

Our Ethics

The doctors and staff of MedDERM ASIA are committed to provide compassionate professional care to our patients.We seek to maintain their trust and confidence by recommending only the appropriate treatments and procedures.

Our Equipment

One Laser device cannot treat all skin problems. At MedDerm ASIA, we have the most advanced technology available today to treat diverse conditions of the skin.

Our Facilities

The Centre’s elegant design is a blend of function and style with the patients’ comfort in mind. 

Our Pharmacy

Our FDA accredited pharmacy is for the convenience of our patients and offers a wide range of dermatological products. Our licensed pharmacist is always available to meet our patients’ needs.